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Robots have come along leaps and bounds in recent years, costs have also dropped drastically, making them more and more common in our lives and our manufacturing environments. Ai Automation are working with Universal Robots, ABB and Schneider Electric to deliver robotic solutions, however we can work with any customer stipulated system.

Here at Ai Automation Ltd We are based in Wigan, Northwest England and are a single stop provider and installer of Robotics, Vision Systems, Laser Markers and Measurement Systems.

We provide custom turnkey solutions to both UK and international customers, along with a series of standard off the shelf products.

Ai Automation has experience at designing control systems from the ground up and retrofitting to existing systems.


Standard Products

100% Satisfaction

Multiple Sectors

Here at Ai Automation we are able to offer robots for a huge range of sectors, applications and industries along with a vast array of standard products to suit all of your needs. We are a professional company with strong company values on customer service and the quality of our products being top of the range in our industry.

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